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Furoshiki Online Workshop

  • 2,000 Japanese yen
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Let's try "Furoshiki" wrapping with your cloth. Furoshiki is just a square cloth. Since the 7th century, Japanese people have been using Furoshiki cloth. There are various ways of use such as a gift wrapping, bottle wrapping, shopping bag, interior decoration and so on. Even a long item or a ball can be wrapped with the square cloth. Also, using a cloth for wrapping or as a bag is very eco-friendly. It won't make any waste unlike paper wrappings or plastic bags. In Japan, the same Furoshiki cloth has been used several times in different ways. Your instructor is going to tell you how to wrap a bottle or box with the cloth and how to make a bag out of the cloth step by step. As we use Zoom, you can talk with the instructor smoothly and ask a question at any time. If you learn Furoshiki wrapping techniques, you will be able to wrap a gift more attractively and contribute to the protection of the natural environment. Get Furoshiki cloths made in Japan. You can purchase them from the link below.

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