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Top 5 Must-Try Food at Tsukiji (Outer) Market

Photo: Tsukiji Fish Market | Image Courtesy of Petr Meissner / Flickr

Japan’s cultural landmark, Tsukiji Market is almost a 100-year old and served millions of customers with its freshest seafood.

While the famous tuna auction moved to its new and better home last year, you can still experience the unique Tsukiji food experience at its original area.

There is a lot of Japanese food to try at the Tsukiji market but below we have listed the must-try ones!

1. Kaisendon and sushi

Photo: Kaisendon | Image Courtesy of Enzo Araullo / Facebook

Start your day tour in Tsukiji with kaisendon, a bowl of rice topped with the freshest sushi from Tsukiji’s inner market! All shops get their seafood from the market, so the quality is the same for all.

You might see tourists lining up early in the morning for selected sushi shops. These shops claim to have the best sushi in town and usually offer limited seats. You have to wait for 2-3 hours for your omakase sushi platter. The chef prepares your sushi in front of you hence the long waiting line for the customers. An omakase platter is around 4000-5000 yen for these shops. But if you’re on a budget, there are shops that offer less than 2000 yen for the at par quality of sushi around the Tsukiji market.

2. Tamagoyaki

Photo: Tamagoyaki | Image Courtesy of Kent Wang / Wikimedia Commons

Having an egg for breakfast is not something special but the Japanese enjoy a different kind of omelet. Another famous shop in Tsukiji is the tamagoyaki omelet. It is made of the usual scramble egg but with sugar and broth. Don’t worry you can choose whether to have a “sweet” or “not too sweet” tamagoyaki! If you want to fill full in just one bite, add some seafood like crab, shrimp, and scallops. You can also put a dash of radish on your egg stick. You can enjoy this morning treat for just 100 yen!

3. Oyster, scallop and sea urchin

Photo: Grilled oysters | Image Courtesy of Jonathan Lin / Flickr

Aside from the fresh fishes for sushi, you can also indulge yourself with Tsukiji’s oyster, sea urchin, and scallop cooked and served in different ways. For oysters, you can find different sizes. Why don’t you try a big one for only 1,500 yen? Try to look around and you can spot shops that have the freshest and nice-looking oysters.

Photo: Grilled scallop with sea urchin | Image Courtesy of Jonathan Lin / Flickr

One of the bestsellers and delicious treat in Tsukiji is the blowtorched scallop covered with uni. The texture of this combination makes the food tasty! It’s 1,000 yen for 2 pieces!

Photo: Uni | Image Courtesy of Tuan Nguyen / Unsplash

If you’re a purist seafood lover, don’t worry you can easily find a simple uni for only 500 yen.

4. Grilled Eel Skewer

Photo: Grilled eel skewer | Image Courtesy of Ankur P / Flickr

One of the famous delicacies of Japan is considered to be an expensive meal. The fish is so soft that is traditionally served over rice in a lacquer wooden box. For only 200 yen, you can have a taste of unagi here in Tsukiji!

5. Corn fishcake skewer

While there are different types, shapes, and sizes of fishcakes available, the bestseller is the corn fishcake skewer. This perfectly fried fish paste rolled into sweet corn is surprisingly delicious! For just 350 yen, you can have the taste of this delightful Japanese street snack!

Photo: Strawberry mochi | Image Courtesy of writer

Cap off your Tsukiji Market food trip with the famous Japanese dessert – Ichigo daifuku, a mochi topped with a strawberry. You can choose different flavor fillings from red bean, matcha, chocolate, custard etc. There are also simple daifuku, without the strawberry topping and are available in more flavors like mango, yuzu (lemon) and peach. Get this sweet treat for only 200-300 yen!

Whether you’re a foodie or a regular tourist, Tsukiji food trip should be definitely in your things to do in Tokyo! When you’re planning your Tokyo trip, make sure to allow one whole day for Tsukiji Market. More than the variety and the taste of Japanese seafood and non-seafood in Tsukiji Market, you get to learn an important aspect of their culture.

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Rocel is a believer of living life to the fullest through creating memories with her loved ones – family, friends, and self. One of the things she enjoys doing with them is travelling where they get to experience new cultures, new cuisines, new stories to share and memories to look back. In 2018 alone, she travelled to 6 continents which exposed her to the world’s wonders. After all those trips, Japan is still one of her favorite countries because of its unique and rich culture and natural resources. She lived and studied in Tokyo, Japan for one year where she developed deeper love and appreciation towards the country.

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