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Hidden Gems of the Tokyo Local Experience

Actualizado: 27 de feb de 2019

Ryokan Experience / Photo: Taken from unknown/google image

Have you ever been to Tokyo Local Experience? Known for its Massive Skyscraper, Futuristic City, Fast trains, high-tech machines, and technologies. The thousand years tradition of Tokyo is still well maintained.

It is so called when the Past and the future meet it is in the heart of Tokyo. No wonder every place in Tokyo hides a bizarre, incredible discovery that I have never seen before.

From traditional and modernity exist, Tokyo local experience will definitely make you fell in love with the inner beauty of nature and something new to discover. Tokyo will surely give you unique emotions and surprises. In this article, we will compile a Tokyo Local Experience that you should add-up in your bucket list.

Shinjuku Hopping

Shinjuku Hopping / Photo: taken from

Enjoying the nightlife in Shinjuku and exploring the unique culture of local places to drink. Known for its food alley and nightlife hopping you’ll definitely love the different traditional food and drinks Shinjuku will offer. From Seafoods, grill fresh chicken, grilled vegetables, gyoza, and fried tofu and more. Of course! Don’t forget the Japanese Sake and Tokyo’s local beer. Plunge yourself in Tokyo’s drinking culture and break those language barriers by interacting with the Locals.

Exploring Akihabara Gaming and Anime

Exploring Akihabara Gaming and Anime / Photo: Taken from

For gamers and anime lover’s, Tokyo local experience in Akihabara will fulfill your adventurous side with its colorful areas. From video games, maid cafes (you can see their staffs wear the maid costumes), cosplayer lover.

Ryokan Experience

Ryokan Experience / Photo: Taken from unknown/google image

Never miss the chance to sleep and experience the genuine jewel crown of the Japanese Accommodation where you can sleep in soft and warm mattress called “futon” and the “yukata” (kimono) that you will be wearing during your stay in Ryokan. You can also find a communal pool that men and women can use separately in thermal water. This place will give you the feeling of relaxation and harmony.

The Traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony

The traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony / Photo: Taken from unknown

“Sado” a tea ceremony that express the living moment Zen Philosophy. The ritual tea ceremony symbolizes a moment of rest and it exercises observation and conversation. Tea taste will be bitter and serve with “wagashi” (a traditional sweets).

Bizarre Robot Restaurant

Bizarre Robot Restaurant / Photo Courtesy of Ili Saarinen

Yes! 90 minutes show, the battles of dinosaur and robots, strobe lightning and more shows! Name it, they have it! Expect it to be the crazy, amazing night of fun that you ever had. It’s a mind-blowing evening that will surely amaze your eyes and your mind.

Enjoy Your Bowl of Ramen

Enjoy Your Bowl of Ramen / Photo Courtesy unknown

While having a Tokyo local experience, never forget a bowl of ramen. It is mandatory that visiting Tokyo will make you look for their traditional taste of ramen. We are all familiar with ramen, but in Tokyo never miss to have one, believe me it’s the Legit taste!

There are numerous Tokyo Local Experience out there to try in order for you to explore and experience the Local side of Japanese cultures. Visiting Tokyo is not just about the tour or how you pack your things and go, it is all about taking part and adapting their local cultures, respect its rituals as they are known to be “The Land of the Rising Sun”

About the Writer:

Catherine Caoile has been working as a Writer from different contents for over four years. She provides Coaching, Ghost Writing and Editing Services. Her educational background in Arts Major in English Literature, Active in the English education leads her in a broad approach in the field. She actually loves researching and writing relevant articles that will provide the readers to continue reading the whole content. Providing content for Japan is one of her vision.

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