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Day Tour in Tokyo

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From the nature views, traditional and modern sites, Tokyo is extraordinary, there's no uncertainty about that, however, at times you simply need to escape and see the other side of Japan!

Tokyo's filled to the overflow with enough incitement to keep the traveler involved for a considerable length of time, but on the other hand, it's decent to flash away and experience an alternate side of Japan, from cold tops to legacy/heritage sites.

Here are a portion of our most loved day tour from its capital.

Mt Fuji

Image courtesy from Pixabay

Rises from 12,388 feet and 3,776 meters this Mountain symbolizes the guidebooks of Japan and it is well known in every traveler’s imagination all over the World. Traveling to Mt. Fuji and seeing those mountains revered make something worth your while. If you wish to see the better visibility in Mt Fuji it is advisable to go during the cold season, in the late evening and early morning. Enjoying Mount Fuji more includes the natural surroundings of the Fuji Five Lakes, Hakone or in the nearby Hot spring resorts. Yes, the place has a lot to offer and will calm and relax our mind with its fascinating views and natural calmness.


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As one of Japan’s legacy and great religious center, it is also famous by its 65 Buddhist temples, 19 Shinto Shrines and the Great Buddha. If you are into historical tour, I recommend to visit Kamakura in your Day Tour in Tokyo. The sand beaches will also attract travelers during the summer season.

Nikko National Park

Image courtesy from Marufish

Nikko National Park flaunts evident characteristic excellence, its greatest distinguishing strength and a standout amongst the best motivations to visit is the Toshogu Shine. A standout amongst Nikko's most striking highlights is Toshogu, which is Japan's most sumptuously enlivened shrines. One can likewise discover the tomb of Tokugawa Ieyasu, the originator of the Tokugawa shogunate, which has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Travelers will get the chance to see the 3 wise monkey, ornate Yomei-mon Gate, Hall of the Medicine Buddha.


Image courtesy from Ryan Mcbride

This place deserves a trip by its atmospheric and historical ambience. From year 794 to 1868, Kyoto serves as the Capital of Japan when the emperor resides in this place. Throughout the hundreds of years, Kyoto was demolished by numerous wars and flames, yet because of its excellent historical value, the city was dropped from the rundown of target areas for the nuclear bomb and got away obliteration during the World War II. Innumerable sanctuaries and temples, holy places and other priceless historic structures that survive the city as of today.

Visiting the historical places and looking back on its tradition will awake our minds and paying close attention on every detail that we can discover. The Japanese history from ancient times to this modern day will make us appreciate how they all develop and well maintained. There are more places to go to Japan, but remember to fit those schedules on your Day Tour.

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